A Ministry of Grace in the Heart of Andover

Divine Appointments | May 7, 2017

We have busy lives, don’t we? There are the demands at work, the chores of around the house, the ever-changing tasks of driving the kids to baseball or basket ball or dance practices, the daily homework assignments, catechism and SONday School classes, and the list goes on and on. So often, it just seems like life is just one appointment after another appointment, and still more more appointment.

But what about a Divine Appointment? Do we ever think about them? What do we mean?

The story we have this week is about an Ethiopian royal official – rich, famous, and powerful, yet someone many considered an extreme “Outsider.” He was responsible for the Queen’s treasure and had come to Jerusalem to worship. But, he was an eunuch and as such, unwelcomed to worship within the Temple. In other words, he could not have a worship appointment with God there.

Yet, God had other plans, for he had unleashed his promise of salvation first in Jerusalem, and now it was time for an appointment on a road in the wilderness, far, far away. As the Ethiopian official was on his way home, who does he meet along the way but Philip, one of the deacons recently appointed to care for the needs of the widows! A conversation and Bible study ensues, and suddenly the eunuch  has a divine appointment with God!

What about us…people who are so busy with lots of stuff in our lives? Have we ever had a divine appointment? Has there been a moment when we’ve encounter God in a significant way? Have we been changed and transformed? Why or why not?

These are good questions, aren’t they! For they call us to begin to live differently, seeking those moments of divine appointments. Come this weekend as we are challenged that maybe it’s time to look at our busy schedules and see where we can meet God!