A Ministry of Grace in the Heart of Andover

Called By God – The Call of Reformation | October 29, 2017

Reformation – the act or process of reforming or correcting the faults of somebody or something. It’s something that just about everything needs from time to time whether it be an important institution like a church, a political system such as a government, a cultural icon like an well-known orchestra or even the everyday ways a family operates. And Reformation is an essential part of life.

This upcoming weekend we celebrate 500 Anniversary of THE REFORMATION – the 16th-century religious movement in Europe that Martin Luther started to reform some of the doctrines and practices of the church and led to the beginning of Protestantism, and specifically the Lutheran Church.

It began when the church leaders wanted to build a new church in Rome to reflect the majesty and awesome power of God! It was a worthy act of praise. However, it was the means by which the funds were raised that revealed the corrupt and distorted practices and beliefs that needed REFORMATION and change. This is where Luther stepped in and began the process to call the church back to the Gospel.

This isn’t a new story. In fact, the story of building of the Temple for God’s people to finally have a place to focus their worship was an important and meaningful step in their spiritual development. It was beautiful! It was magnificent! Yet, it was built on the back of slave and heavy taxation…something that should never have been done by a people who themselves had been slaves and heavily oppressed. As a result, REFORMATION was almost a constant need for God’s People and finally came in the person of Jesus who started his ministry by cleansing the Temple and proclaiming a call back to the heart of God.

As we come to worship this weekend, may we come with the sense that there is always a need for Reformation in our lives, and offer ourselves to its call.