A Ministry of Grace in the Heart of Andover

Called By God – Elijah – Called After Defeat | November 5, 2017

Ever feel defeated, say after a divorce, job loss, debilitating disease, or a nasty bout of depression and wanted to just “throw in the towel? Has life ever thrown you a curve ball and you felt like you swung and missed? If you have, how then do you find the way back into life? How do you ever feel the call to find a new normalcy and the energy to re-enter life?

Such was the story of the Prophet Elijah, whose suffered a major defeat right after one of the most successful moments of his ministry. Under the threat of death from the evil Queen Jezebel, Elijah escaped into the desert, beatened, crushed and crying to God: “It is enough; now, O Lord, take away my life!”

But God decided to call Elijah after his defeat. Allowing him time to sleep and recover, God calls Elijah back to his prophetic ministry in the strangest way: not through fierce wind, or terrible earthquake, or even a fiery being. No, the way he calls him through absolute silence and then a quiet question: “What are you doing here, Elijah?” It is through this time of healing and discernment that Elijah is able to hear once more God’s call.

Perhaps in all the noisy, hectic and fast pace we live, we need to take the lesson from Elijah whenever we feel defeated or run over by a disappointed event or circumstance. Where do we go to find restoration and healing? What do we do to shut out the noise of life to hear the quiet voice of God’s call of love?

As we gather this All Saints weekend to celebrate and give thanks for those who have died and join the “great cloud of witnesses in heaven,” (Hebrews 12:1) let us hear once more God’s call to persevere, remain strong, and trust in his love.