A Ministry of Grace in the Heart of Andover

Becoming a Servant Leader – April 30, 2017

What happens when God’s unleashes new life upon his world? Change! Change in lives! Change in families! Change in society! Change in Culture! Change in the world!

This weekend we will explore how the good news of Empty Tomb begins to flow out from the small group of disciples and into the city of Jerusalem. What happens? A clash between the normal cultural divisions and separations – namely the Jewish and the Greek Christians.

The issue? How to distribute food and charity fairly among the two different groups. Why? Because of the explosive growth of the church, the 12 Apostles were overload with all the demands with preaching, teaching, and overseeing the distribute of help. Tempers got hot. Feelings were hurt. People were feeling left out.

The solution: the church leaders got together and decided the only way forward was the example of Jesus’ Servant Leadership. Setting aside seven gifted men, they were given the ministry of caring for the poor so that the Apostles could focus their attention onto their main tasks of preaching the Gospel.

Isn’t it good news that although the church was just in its infancy stage, God’s Spirit was hard at work to bring the necessary leaders forward to enhance and grow the overall spread of the Gospel! Do you think he does that now? Could you be one of the new leaders God is calling to further his Gospel? Why not come and join us this weekend and see if its true!